View Full Version : [all variants] Lost virtual interfaces support /etc/network/interfaces 9.10 Karmic

November 24th, 2009, 04:57 AM
Does anyone know how to get virtual interfaces working? I've been using a virtual interface in /etc/network/interfaces since Gutsy Gibbon and now 9.10 Karmic it doesn't work at all. This used to work just fine:

#auto eth2:1
#iface eth2:1 inet static
# address <ip>
# network <subnet>
# netmask
# gateway <gw>

Now it fails miserably. ifup thinks its a duplicate, presumably of eth2:0 or eth0. There was a post describing this exact menthod two months ago on an on-line Linux magazine, so I don't understand what happened. And there's no mention of this behavior change in the ifupdown package.