View Full Version : [ubuntu] Help w/ Cairo, hide side dock only

November 24th, 2009, 12:20 AM
Hey all I wanted a dock that sets on the side, so found cairo and decided it met and exceeded my needs. I now have my primary "main" dock on bottom and a main dock on side. My only problem is that now I want to auto-hide the side dock only (which it has a option for when you select set up this dock, when right-clicking the side main dock), but when I select it to auto-hide -*POOF*- gone. It won't come up when I have my mouse over that corner and no way to right-click to disable. I have tried restarting it, then x, then the whole system, but to no avail. I have to configure launcher on a separate launcher to get all my launchers off and then start over. I have cairo set to auto-hide on when window is maximized and my primary dock will come up if my mouse is on the bottom edge, but the only way to get the side dock up is to restore that window. Anyone have an Idea as to why this is happening. And I'm not looking for a this or that dock is better thread, just want to fix this, or figure out if it is a bug I need to report. As always your help is greatly appreciated.