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November 23rd, 2009, 09:13 PM
I've been interested in Ubuntu for a while now, so I went ahead and downloaded Wubi Ubuntu installer. I figured downloading Ubuntu would take a long time, so after a Halloween party, I took a look to see of the download had succeeded. Instead, there was a error message on the screen, something about a DLL, so I uninstalled a 38GB "Ubuntu installation" off of my computer. As if that wasn't enough to scare me away from using an open-source operating system I downloaded the Ubuntu CD. I burned it and double clicked it to try to install Ubuntu inside of Windows. According to it, my Ubuntu installation worked, but when I rebooted, no matter how much I messed with BIOS settings, it would boot into Windows. Showing no mercy, I downloaded EASEUS Partition Master 4.1.1 and shrunk my hard drive into a Windows part and some allocated space. I then installed Ubuntu unto my computer using the CD. I haven't been using it much because I couldn't figure out how to install my Medialink Wireless-N adapter, but that's another story/unanswered forums post.
But last night I figured something out. I had accidentally installed Ubuntu on to my external hard drive that I'm supposed to be using for MAKING IMAGE BACKUPS FOR MY 3 COMPUTERS! No wonder Ubuntu was acting so slow! Anyways, here's what I think I need help doing:

Make the GRUB start up thing work without that darn external hard drive Format the hard drive to FAT or NTFS (don't really care which)
Make backups of my computers (don't need any help with that after the above's done)
Somehow install Ubuntu somewhere on my hard drive

Please help! :confused:

November 23rd, 2009, 09:30 PM
okies ... in no particualr order ...

You can make a LiveCD of ubuntu or Gparted to 'clean up' your external drive.

To begin with, tho' I'd get your computer back to not looking for the external drive when booting and hand control back over to the M$ boot system.


That How-To will get your windows MBR back.