View Full Version : [ubuntu] upgraded, had grub issues and resolved.Now a odd issue

November 23rd, 2009, 06:05 AM
As the title says, I upgraded and had issues with the old kernel staying put. After some looking around for answers and trying them I decided to just kill the partition with the offending grub (for a few stupid reasons I had about 3 different installs of Jaunty). Well, after I rebooted still not fixed, but it only showed my fresh install of Karmic with the new grub and the ******* with the old grub. Decide to look at the new and much to my surprise it was the upgraded version, now running the new kernel. YAY, right? Well, my LAMP stack is working and everything is dandy, so I hope to the old version that had almost nothing in it. Boot in and it's the same as the new kernel! I have my LAMP stack up and running there too!

So, my question is, did removing the partition cause all the installs to merge some of their files? The pictures didn't move over and I am unsure of other files so I am rather confused. On the one hand, I have the new kernel but on the other do I have two different 9.10 installs running different grubs but using the same volume and somehow sharing files amongst themselves? Oh this also fixed then o audio problem, go figure!