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November 23rd, 2009, 05:27 AM
I currently have a WRT54GL router, and planning to go gigabit on LAN via a Netgear GS608 network switch. There is a home server in my house with Windows Server 2003 installed; services include domain DNS, AC and File Share (not DFS). All the computers in my house connect to this server (wireless and wired) via the router (which runs to WAN). The router's DNS resolves to the servers which forwards it to OpenDNS. Ethernet file sharing tends to be slow on the 100mbps LAN, which is why I'm preferring a network switch.

If I connect the network switch to Port 1 of the router, and plug all wired LAN computers into the network switch (including server), will the wireless computers coming through the router be able to see the server's domain, and access each other? In other words, can the wireless computers (coming through router), see the other computers on the network switch?

Jake L.