View Full Version : [ubuntu] 9.10 install on RocketRAID 2300

November 22nd, 2009, 09:11 PM
I've gotten 9.10 Desktop 64-bit installed on a single 250GB drive, and got the RAID drivers working under that, but I want to install it on a 2x500GB RAID1 array. I used the instructions here (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=558543) to get it working on the 250GB, but when I use the instructions on the LiveCD, the array shows up and I can mkfs and everything on it, but when the install gets to the partitioner, it hangs for a few minutes, and says /dev/sdc (the array) was not found. After that, the array is no longer available and I have to unload and reload the kernel module.