View Full Version : where's my backend recordings dude?

November 22nd, 2009, 07:19 PM
Help! I've got a separate backend-frontend setup (well several front ends really)

I can't see recordings made on the back end on any front end machine, except in mythweb.

I'm running karmic with myth 0.22 - all standard except for nvidia drivers 190.42

Live TV, music and videos are all working fine, with all the storage on the backend server.

On a separate frontend, when I go into view recordings none of the recordings made on the backend are listed, just a few bits of live tv that was automatically recorded, but is says the files are not available.

I've shared the folder used by the recorder on the back end, and I can see the recordings in the folder.

I assume I should be able to record on the back end and then show on any front end, but I obviously have missed settings up something.....

What's the magic spell I need please?