View Full Version : [ubuntu_mobile] Internet - usb modem

November 22nd, 2009, 07:11 PM
Linux 2-6-31-14 Ubuntu 9.10 recently installed on Sony vaio notebook, uses an ethernet modem or, after problem fixed installing firmware from "sagem_fast800_facile.htm" doc on the web, uses a usb modem to navigate on the internet.
Two problem still remaining, help needed from the community experts:
1- modem firmware: dmesg notices: '[Ueagle-atm] use deprecated cmvs version, please update your firmware'. Does it exist a new updated version of the previously missed (and installed) modem version?
2- Actually, at each session start-up, I'm using commands from the terminal to configure and connect the usb modem. Is some program/applications available and down-loadable by the Ubuntu Software Center to do this task in a smarter and quicker way? If yes, how can I found the related data-input (e.g.: the name of the used port or the name of the device: modem stty dev usbtty, etc..).
Some community expert can please help me for point 1, 2 or 3? Tnk a lot. Pol50