View Full Version : Installing a Samba and NFS server and Client : automatic installers !

November 22nd, 2009, 12:55 PM

you would like to forget all those nano and complicated things about Linux for installations:

You may use my installer (http://yellowprotoss.ye.funpic.org/website/ubuntuinstallers/ubuntu_server_logins.jpg) :
Here guys I made what I want for the logins / password, as example (not instlling ldap), for samba and nfs:

cd /tmp
wget http://yellowprotoss.ye.funpic.org/website/ubuntuinstallers/ubuntu-samba-nfs-installer.sh
cat ubuntu-samba-nfs-installer.sh
# in case: sudo apt-get install xdialog
sudo su
sh ubuntu-samba-nfs-installer.sh

It is a beta version, and you have no warranties
The /etc/exports has to be verified by a geek. And if we are very lucky, he'll improve the scripts.