View Full Version : Installing Ubuntu 9.10, Windows 7 (installed first)

November 22nd, 2009, 07:06 AM
I am trying to load Ubuntu on my recently purchased Acer D250 netbook. Currently it is running Windows 7.

First attempt: I downloaded Ubuntu Netbook Remix, I made a 40GB Hard drive Partition via Windows 7 Partition Manager, I ran the Ubuntu Netbook Remix .iso via virtual clone drive, I chose the Demo and full installation button, then I chose the Help me to boot from cd option, it installed the CD boot helper, asked to restart, after restart it gives me the option to choose which OS to run Windows 7 or Ubuntu Netbook remix, I choose Ubuntu Netbook Remix, I get a black screen with the Ubuntu logo in the middle of it for about 3 or 4 minutes, then the screen changes to a blank screen...and never comes back..... I restarted and unistalled the boot loader.

Second attempt: I re-download Ubuntu Netbook Remix, I made the 40GB Hard drive partition. Intsead of running the wubi, like the first attempt I open the folder to view files, then I select the USB creator application, it then helps me create a bootable USB installer for Ubuntu, after the USB installer is created, I am prompted to restart, after the restart, i get the screen to choose which OS to load Win7 or Ubuntu, I pick Ubuntu, then I get an installer for Ubuntu, it asks me to pick what time zone I am in, then it asks me about preparing the partition. I select the 40GB partition previously made, and click forward and I recieve a "root is not found error" and it asks me to edit in the Partition Menu?, and I can not proceed forward...

Currently I reverted the partition I made with the Windows 7 Partition manager, and created a new 40GB partition using Paragon Partition Manager Express.... and will try to install via the .iso in the first attempt and we will see...

I need any help possible with this type of installation.

November 22nd, 2009, 07:37 AM
Same blank screen issue in my latest attempt. I ran the Ubuntu Netbook remix via Virtual Clone Drive, I ran the Wubi app, chose demo and full installation, chose help boot from CD, it installed the cd boot loader, prompted for restart, after restart, gives options to choose OS, windows 7 or Ubuntu Netbook Remix, I chose Ubuntu Netbook remix, screen with Ubuntu logo shows up about 3 minutes, then it goes to a blank screen and never comes back.... In this attempt I used Paragon Partition Mangaer to make the 40 GB partition versus the first attempt I used the on board Win7 partition manager to make the partition. But I received the same result..... I got nothing.

I am going to try the bootable USB option now.... and see how that goes.