View Full Version : [ubuntu] Problems after upgrade from 9.04

November 21st, 2009, 11:29 PM
There's quite a few of them, so bear with me:

- 2 days after upgrade, my internet connection suddenly got down. Wired, shared through ICS from XP machine. Network manager won't connect to it automatically. Works ok with neighbour's wifi, and I can set it manually, but it no longer connects automatically through eth0.
- Firefox is stuck on download helper greeting page. Doesn't remember open tabs after "save and quit" and always opens that damned download helper page in extra tab. Also, deleting "Most visited" from the tab below address bar works only until restart.
- Tintin++(mud client) will no longer accept any file from command line. Even loading from withing it is dead now(worked 2-3 first times I ran it)
- Empathy won't remember any contacts I add to it.

There were some problems with mounting my hard drive, but fsck took care of that.
None of the problems is very serious, mostly annoying, but if anyone had those and managed to take care of them I'd be very grateful.