View Full Version : [ubuntu] Unable to Enable Desktop Effects

November 21st, 2009, 09:38 PM
So I know there are plenty, ppppplenty of threads about this, but when i try to enable desktop effects i get an error message. I had no problems until I tried fiddling with the Compiz stuff to try to get that oh so pretty rotating cube. I did manage to get it up and running, but to get there I had to try quite a few things on the way that i found online-- and i didn't/don't really understand what those things were.
Unfortunately, I can't remember what most of those things are (a few were terminal commands that appeared to have no effect at all-- so i ran them, shrugged it off, and tried something else). I have an Intel graphics chip, and weirdly enough when I installed NVidia driver everything started working fine-- that is until i turned on my computer this morning and couldn't enable any desktop effects. From what I understand I shouldn't have installed the NVidia driver to use with an Intel Graphics chip?

How should I go about fixing this? (I know I really need to get some terminal-output info stuff so that yall know better how to help-- but i dont know the terminal commands to get it.-- ive only had linux about a month and im still very very lost.)