View Full Version : [ubuntu] Intel Pro/Wireless 2200, WLan works, No Internet

November 21st, 2009, 09:12 PM
Hi there!

I got some kind of tricky problem:

I have a Medion Notebook with an Intel Pro/Wireless 2200 WLan adapter. After updating to ubuntu 9.10 my internet conection doesn't work anymore allthough the WLan conection is established.

Ping to my router and router web interface work fine.
Ping to web adresses or their ips don't work. (So shouldn't be caused by DNS)
WLan and internet work fine with ubuntu 8.04 LiveCD.
WLan should be set as internet route by default, I didn't find any option for this.

What makes all this a little tricky is that I don't have access to a wired internet connection.

How could this be caused? Did anyone solve this problem (hopefully without needing internet)?

Thanks a lot!