View Full Version : [ubuntu] My dvd drive won't work. My computer Can't Boot USB.

November 21st, 2009, 08:03 PM
Hi. I'm having a really difficult time trying to install ubuntu on my computer as a second Operating System. Here is what I've tried:

Installing with Wubi. (Doesn't work. I get a "Busybox" Prompt.)
Installing with Dvd and CD. (Doesn't work due to my dvd drive not reading disks of any kind)
Installing with USB Flash Drive and SD card With adapter to go to USB slot. (Doesn't work. I dont think my computer supports it. BUT It does have the usb option in the BIOS and in the boot menu. So maybe it just doesn't work. )

So I'm Guessing either I need to fix something or I cant ever install it. :(