View Full Version : [SOLVED] Rather switch than fight! and I did.

November 21st, 2009, 04:19 PM
I was having some trouble with Compiz and the famous "Flash" problems with Ubuntu 9.10 as a lot of people here are complaining about,finally I broke the entire installation! it totally went "to the dogs" and was unusable.
So......... I thought,why not try an old favorite from the past?,so I downloaded a copy of the new PClinuxOS and installed it,after re-familiarizing myself with it,I have no problems at all with flash playing Utube and other flash apps,also Compiz set itself up after installing it! everything works great.
I had to install my Nvidia drivers from Synaptic (no problem) and it works nice too. Everything else looks exactly like Ubuntu,it even uses APT-GET , get the Gnome edition if you plan to try it.
PClinuxOS is very stable and problem free.and all the add-ons like VLC,Thunderbird,BleachBit.and others are allready installed in PClinuxOS,it also has the new Firefox version just like Ubuntu,actually it looks just like Ubuntu only it works!
Burn stuff you want to keep from your home directory and your Thunderbird and Firefox stuff to a CD and you can just import them into your new installation,you wont know you switched!
Not trying to make anyone here mad,just finding something that works! when Ubuntu gets the bugs killed,maybe I will try it again,maybe.
And I also tried Kubuntu and it was a total loss! looked and acted more like Micro$oft and was unstable on my computer.
so goodbye for now,