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November 20th, 2009, 08:52 PM

I'm in the process of setting up a mail server (Postfix) on an amazon EC2 server. I am using a Bitnami/Moodle (http://developer.amazonwebservices.com/connect/entry.jspa?externalID=2921) instance. Which runs Ubuntu 9.04.

I'm using this (http://flurdy.com/docs/postfix/) guide and got to the end of the configuration (http://flurdy.com/docs/postfix/#config-extra-admin) section, at which point the guide tells me to test the server before going any further.

Not knowing the proper way to do this, I looked up this (http://beginlinux.com/server_training/mail-server/1041-postfix-mail-server-set-up) additional guide. Which instructed me to "send a test message to root".

Like so -
# echo test | /usr/sbin/sendmail -f root root

tail /var/log/mail.log

When looking at the mail.log file I found the following messages:

Nov 17 20:04:10 (none) postfix/qmgr[26515]: DD9F1628C4: from=<root@drugawarenesseducation.com>, size=300, nrcpt=3 (queue active)

Nov 17 20:04:11 (none) postfix/smtp[18772]: DD9F1628C4: host smtp.secureserver.net (http://smtp.secureserver.net/)[] refused to talk to me: 554-m1pismtp01-020.prod.$

Nov 17 20:04:14 (none) postfix/smtp[18772]: DD9F1628C4: to=</var/log/mail.log@drugawarenesseducation.com>, orig_to=</var/log/mail.log>, relay=mail$

Nov 17 20:04:14 (none) postfix/smtp[18772]: DD9F1628C4: to=<root@drugawarenesseducation.com>, orig_to=<root>, relay=mailstore1.secureserver.net (http://mailstore1.secureserver.net/)[72$

Nov 17 20:04:14 (none) postfix/smtp[18772]: DD9F1628C4: to=<tail@drugawarenesseducation.com>, orig_to=<tail>, relay=mailstore1.secureserver.net (http://mailstore1.secureserver.net/)[72$

This appeared to run over night because I got a message from amazon (basically) saying "You've reached the limit of email you can send on this instance, please send a request if you'd like to remove this limit"


I have opened ports - 25,143,465,587, 993, 80 and 443

According to the first guide's section concerning ec2 use (http://flurdy.com/docs/postfix/#ec2_use), it is likely that certain spam filters will catch my IP (ex: spamhaus (http://www.spamhaus.org/)). Under which it says that my ability to send mail is restricted by AWS (who has not contacted me back... grr).

Anyways... any and all tips/advice on handling this dilemma would be greatly appreciated.


November 21st, 2009, 05:56 AM
Still no response from Amazon... I'll update when i get one.