View Full Version : [SOLVED] Fresh Install 9.10

November 20th, 2009, 04:48 PM

I just got done installing 9.10 32 bit and after the reboot the system hangs with a a disk boot failure or if I boot from the cd and select to boot from the hard drive I get some odd characters at the upper left hand corner. I scanned the hard drive and it seems to be fine. I tried to install a second time and still no bootup.
I have installed Ubuntu before and have never encountered this problem before.

The motherboard is an older MSI MS-6769 v1 with 4 gig of ram. The processor is a Intel Pentium 4 ~ 2.4G. The system is installed on a 200Gb IDe Maxtor drive. The video and audio is on board.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


November 20th, 2009, 07:34 PM
If you run the liveCD does it work? That may tell if there is somesort of system issue.

November 20th, 2009, 08:13 PM
Hello Oldfred,

The LiveCD did work. I reinstalled it the third time and it worked. Apparently it had something to do with the partition. This time I set it up myself instead of letting the install select what it thought would work. Seems to be OK for now. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll close this for now.

Thanks again,