View Full Version : [ubuntu] Formatting external HD

November 19th, 2009, 07:49 PM

I am running ubuntu on my Ps3 and linux mint 7 gloria editon on my HP laptop. Every day im learning something new!! I'm running into issues on my laptop where I am only able to use 1/3 of my USB ports so i can't plug my One touch 160GB HD as i have my mouse plugged into the one i have left:sad: So my real issues is my HD is formated to NTSF i need it to be FAT32 so it can read to my PS3. I dont know how to format it to FAT32 ima have to do it on the ubuntu on my PS3 but how do i do it???? I have used terminal a few times so if i have to do it through there pls step by step would be great!!!