View Full Version : Facebook style chat for Gnome panel / Empathy

November 19th, 2009, 04:57 PM
This idea came into my head recently after doing a clean install of Karmic.

The new indicator-applet is a brilliant addition to the default gnome-panel layout, consolidating all "messaging" notifications and allowing you to keep chat, email and microblogging all in perspective.

However, I think this could go a step further and create an facebook style empathy chat addition to the applet.

I do not mean a gnome-panel chat application for the FB-chat protocol. I simply mean an applet where you click to get a drop down list of friends (from whichever network), and then each chat becoming another drop down button extending to the left of the main button.

I don't believe that chat applications should require their own windows on a socially orientated desktop, and I think would save a lot of clutter for a busy user. Plus this has proven to be a very successful layout for Facebook.

I'm considering a serious attempt at implementing this myself, I'm a pretty adept programmer, but my time and resources are limited and stretched thinner by my addiction to many of life's finer pleasures (alcohol:P), so I'm not sure how well that will go.

I'll do a mock up of this when I get out of work, but for now I'm just posting here to get feedback on the whole idea.