View Full Version : December LUG Meeting

November 18th, 2009, 04:56 PM
Where: the firestorm cafe (http://www.firestormcafe.com) in Asheville
When: we will gather around noon this saturday the 5th of December.

There will be a presentation regarding network security.
"How I found your wireless AP and what I did to it after I found it."

* Aircrack-NG suite
~ How to compile wireless drivers to support injection.
~ A basic and quick tutorial on how to crack a WEP encrypted router.

* How to use Ettercap to poison/spoof ARP tables and the basics of a
Man-in-the-Middle Attack. At this point, if there is time we can go
into using WireShark to sniff passwords.

* The summary of the presentation will go into tools to identify and
protect against the above attacks and some basic principles of

Feel free to join the Ubuntu-NC mailing list for more info, or find us on IRC #ubuntu-us-nc on Freenode. Presentation ideas and volunteers are always welcome!