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John Spera
November 16th, 2009, 08:45 PM

I am very interested in the open software movement. My area of focus has been vertical market business packages. This does not seem to be an active area of activity in the community. In the past I have employed system administrators for the applications that I have deployed. Since I am now retired, I closed my 20 year business in 2003, I will need to perform my own administration.

The largest system I developed had a T1 connection between Boston and Ft Lauderdale. It used SCO Unix on the PDC. The applications were written in a proprietor programming language that I do not wish to use in the future.

My intent is to re-create various vertical market business applications with a browser based front end so that real time inventory control and order processing from the web can be integrated with an enterprise class infrastructure.

Over the years I have created a number of vertical market software applications while employed for various organizations and my company. In my mind, Ha Ha, I think understand most business needs more than some CEO's. My background in business and my skills as an applications programmer does leave me with a lot to learn as it relates to system administration and crafting new skills with a programming language like C. Since I have the gift of Dyslexia, working with languages like C++ or Python is quite a hardship for my somewhat balanced left and right brain functions.

I hope my little introduction gives the group some insight on background and area of interest. I look forward to making new friends and learning new things in the process.