View Full Version : [ubuntu] mapping special characters

November 14th, 2009, 11:39 PM
It's funny to me that I've been on Ubuntu for almost two years, yet I'm still asking beginner questions.

I apologize if this is addressed elsewhere. I ran a search, really. If you can point me to previous answers that'd be just as helpful as answering me yourself.

I'm trying to find, or create if necessary, key combinations to print special characters. I'm running Intrepid, and currently have the standard US keyboard layout, alternating with US International (with dead keys). Between the international layout and the Compose key (which I've only just discovered and haven't fully explored) I can get most characters.

The one that's specifically stumping me today is ≠

So, questions:
1. How/where can I look up what characters are available using Compose, and the key presses to print them?
2. If I have a specific character that isn't represented, is there a quick and easy way to specify a key combination to print it?

It's not a huge bother to go to the Character Map, find a character, copy it and paste it. I'm just curious if I can make it even simpler.