View Full Version : Mono could bridge the voidů

February 18th, 2006, 11:43 PM
I have been developing software on Windows for a bit now. When .Net was released I was not very impressed I was a ASP junky and did everything myself my way. I used tools like Dreamweaver UltraDev and later the MX versions, but never FrontPage since the drag and drop of tools and functionality was not my style, or many other developers. Plus loads of the functionality was hidden away in FrontPage extensions.

All in all using .Net I suddenly understood the tremendous power of .Net and was hooked. So later on I learned of Mono and was very happy as now a large part of my skills are transferable to Linux, Mac and probably many others.

Mono will be great since it is based on something great, it’s great already and will close the gap between cross platform development significantly. The future looks very bright indeed for Mono the roadmap is laid out .Net 2!