View Full Version : [ubuntu] Can you run the Ubuntu installer from a live partition?

November 13th, 2009, 06:52 AM
Upgrading the (current) oldest part of my PC up from a 180 Gig drive to a 1 TB drive, and it suddenly crossed my mind -

Is there any particular reason one couldn't, rather than downloading a disk, set up the ubiquity installer in synaptic to install from your current, running partition to your new, blank HD, just like you were installing from a cd?

I'm sure this is really stupid for some reason, but I'm danged if I can think of *why* this is stupid. I really do need an installers help during that first install, but I hate setting up an iso image I'm only going to use once.

Is this unfeasible, unfeasible at my skill level, an option that the merely competent user might be able to setup, or is this something that could be made to work as easily as the CD - I.E. Download 'Ubiquity - use your current setup as the defaults edition" run and partition/install your self on a new HD with all the new stuff you wanted plus automatically install everything apt has installed on your old partition.

Hopefully not even lose your game of Nethack?