View Full Version : "Killer apps"

November 13th, 2009, 03:07 AM
People are always talking about Windows' OS-specific applications (Adobe CS4, games), but few ever consider the awesome apps with Linux that I miss every time I use Windows. (don't suggest cygwin, I'm not looking for alternatives)

1. KTron -- simple 2D implementation of Tron. Way better than 3D
2. Kolourpaint -- like it's MS competitor, only way better; simple things like Ctrl-Z allowing you to edit previous text help out a lot
3. Synaptic
4. Most of the GNOME games (and some of the KDE ones)
5. Multiple desktops
6. amaroK -- by far the best music player I have ever used on any system. Ever.

Okay, list yours. I'm interested to know what you think Linux/Ubuntu's best apps are. :3