View Full Version : Sprint phones on Boost Mobile!

November 11th, 2009, 07:38 PM
Not sure if theres any Boost Mobile users out there but i just switched to them. I actually have great service with the crap phone i have and have had good CS so far but managed to found out about Unlimited by Boost which uses Sprints CDMA network which is supposed to be way more reliable and faster.
I called CS about it and they said you can use any Sprint phone on that plan which is great news for Boost users because well... Boost's handset options suck.

Only problem is if you require PTT you only have to options, the Sanyo Pro 700(no camera) and the Motorola Renegade V950.
They have Qchat which is PTT on CDMA but is interoperable with iDen.

Unlimited by Boost is the same plan as Monthly Unlimited but doesnt include taxes.