View Full Version : [ubuntu] My Experience 160 USB Drive from Live CD

November 11th, 2009, 03:06 PM
I ordered and received a live CD from one of the places that advertise on Distrowatch. It booted up without a problem and 9.10 ran without a hitch. It did give me notice of a proprietary driver for my monitor.
I installed on a WD 160 USB drive using the whole drive for the install. On the next to last screen the "advanced" button was clicked and grub was installed on the USB drive.
That gave me some problems because the drives were not fully labeled when the grub install choices were first shown. I clicked the "Back" button to make sure I was installing the Grub on the right drive and when I got back to the same screen again my drive was labeled "WD" along with the "sdh" descriptor that I wanted to make sure was the right drive.
The first attempt to boot up the new OS was disappointing because after I clicked F12 to get the boot menu, and clicked on USB, the system said it was not available. There was an option to press "F1" to re-try, and when I did that it went to the Grub and loaded 9.10.
9.10 seems to be running fine with sound for Pandora (after flash was installed). No complaints yet.
Every re-boot requires pressing "F1" to re-try the USB drive boot, but it works every time so far.:D