View Full Version : Does it Seem General Help threads have become harder to help since 9.10

November 10th, 2009, 08:45 PM
My perception is that before someone would come in and give a very detailed description of what exactly was going on, and say exactly what they were looking for, and now it seems to have degenerated past "it's slow", to "it's not awesome". And I'd really like to help a lot of these people, but between not being able to understand what they want, not being able to understand what they write and being distracted by the 10 different problems posted by 3 different people in 6 different posts in the same thread, interspersed with lots of "doesn't work" and "windows does this" and "mac does this" and "why isn't this fixed" it's getting really hard. Is anyone else having this experience?

Is it too much to ask for:
1 - one problem per thread
2 - at least a description of what isn't working, masked by as little superfluousness as possible
3 - a little less complaining about why the os wasn't tested enough prior to final release by people who bump their own thread every 5 minutes, but would never dream of filing a bug report, because it's too much work
4 - a title that's at least related to the problem (current threads include "help please", "what are the chances", "opinions", "plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me i am gonna die" (seriously, I'm not kidding))


Pablo Pablovski
November 10th, 2009, 08:57 PM
Excellent post, Sir! Plaintive, concerned, generous, reasoned.

I suspect the well-documented problems (for some) with Karmic, mixed with disappointment (for some) after the hype and expectation, plus the increased userbase, have caused at least some of this loss of discipline and reason.

I'd bet it'll calm down over the next few weeks as the issues get fixed, and the helpful threads will stick near the top of the board.

(Running 9.10 happily, btw).