View Full Version : Smartphone Securit?

November 10th, 2009, 07:22 AM
This is a tech related question but not support related so I thought I would post in here. I read an article today about browser bugs and patches. So far in 2009 Safari has something like 35% of all browser bugs (oddly enough Firefox has the most, at 44%, but I guess it's not to worry as those bugs are fixed far quicker than in Opera, Safari, IE etc.). Anyway, the reason given for such a high number in Safari was iPhone Safari bugs.

This got me to thinking. On an iPhone for example, it's quite possible that you could browse to a site that would give you malware. Same on a Blackberry. Same on any other kind of smartphone. So what's the solution? Do these browsers have built in malware protection (and I'm not interested in getting into a discussion on whether or not Apple/Safari/Mac is venerable to infection lol!), do the smartphones themselves have built in malware protection? What sort of protection, if any, is offered to the end user?

I owned a Blackberry for a while, it ended up being a piece of junk and so I switched back to just a normal phone and got my normal plan back without data plans and all that, I also owned an iPod Touch a few years ago before I dropped it and it broke, but I know that for both of those I could have easily browsed to a site that contained malware and therefore there is the possibility that I contracted some kind of virus or worm or other form of malware. What's a guy like me to do to keep safe?