View Full Version : Adjust schedule by seconds rather than minutes?

November 9th, 2009, 07:01 PM
My local cable company TWC starts and finishes all TV shows about 30 seconds late even by their own clock. That means my recordings begin with half a minute of the prior show and I often lose the very last few seconds of a show. (Anyone know the last punch line to the South Park Harley episode?)

I know I can add a start/finish adjustment on my recording schedule, or I can set a global adjustment in the Mythfrontend setup. Unfortunately those adjustments only allow whole minutes so it does not solve my problem.

I suppose I can just add a minute of continued recording in the general setup but my understanding is this setting is ignored with back to back recordings. So the last bit of a recording would still end up in the beginning of another one. Still not ideal.

Other than just adjusting the clock on my server, is there anything else I can do?