View Full Version : problems installing yellow dog 6.2 on PS3

November 9th, 2009, 06:55 AM
Hi and thanks in advance to any one who might be able to help.

alright, so my problem is this. I told my cousin that you were able to install yellow dog on the ps3 and he asked me to d/l it for him so i did and gave him the disk, but i told him we'd need a keyboard and mouse to do it. He went ahead without even formatting the partition to install the new OS, he panicked and try getting the DVD out, turned the ps3 off and now the ps3 is stuck on the yellow dog installation. I tried reformatting the HDD thinking this might solve the problem but after i did, and uploaded the ps3 4.01 update the ps3 didn't boot up as it should have, instead it goes back to the yellow dog install. Any ideas on what's causing this or better yet how to solve it? Again, thanks in advance to any one able to help.