View Full Version : Instslling Karmc on Eee PC - HDD bork'd?

November 9th, 2009, 01:13 AM
Hey, I've installed Karmic on 2 desktops, and now, having just aquired it, I'd like to install UNR 9.10 on a fairly old Eee PC. The problem I have run into is this:

* The Eee PC had XP installed on it's 2GB internal HDD.
* I Created a bootable USB drive with Karmic on, and used the disk utility to wipe the XP drive (by deleting everytihng in sight).
* When I choose to install Karmic, the instalation program doesn't load.

I think I may have screwed up the HDD. Currently it is set to:

Linux Ext2 (version 1.0) File System Partition 1 (Empty (0x0)) /dev/sda1

Is this correct? Are there any other reasons why the install may not work?

I'm wondering if I have to use Gparted to create a partition, rather than trying to install to a totally blank drive?

Let me know what info you need (and how to get it) if you think you can help.

Any help greatly appreciated,