View Full Version : [ubuntu] Upgrate to 9.10 failed to start X on EEE PC 901

November 8th, 2009, 04:17 PM
hi all :)

After upgrading a couple of desktop boxes flawlessly, I went for my EEE PC expecting it to be likewise a trivial process.

But after the upgrade and reboot, it won't start X for the login, and I'm left with the console login.

From the console I login into root user and do a "startx". It starts, but the mouse (trackpad) is not working, so it's basically unusable.

Wireless is also down, but I suppose it's just because I don't remember how to connect to a WPA wireless router from the command line.

I checked the logs, and there doesn't seem to be any disk or hardware errors ... (it was working flawlessly with 9.04)

Any ideas/suggestions ?

many thanks!

Btw,sorry if this has been posted somewhere else: I would have expected, but couldn't find anything when I searched.