View Full Version : [ubuntu] Back to Windows? Multiple audioplayback with java messed up again in Karmic!!

November 7th, 2009, 11:15 AM
Hey. I spent quite a large amount of time getting multiple audioplayback, with a running java-application working on Jaunty, and found a solution: To run the applications that need to share the audio with the java application with ALSA.. Meaning an terminal-command of "aoss application-name". But now I upgraded to 9.10... What a mistake. Now "aoss" doesn't work for launching firefox, and I am unable to play multiple audioplaybacks with a running java-application. The sound preferences have also been downgraded enormously, as I no longer can choose which application that handles sound. Hence I can't change to ALSA. This is so annoying. I had just forgotten the trouble that I had on 9.04, and now I'm back to square one. Why don't Ubuntu come with an audio-interpreter that can handle multiple playback? That's just wrong. I'm considering going back to windows for this reason . Everything with sound on Ubuntu is so very hard to get set up so that it works. If anyone knows how I can listen to multiple audioplaybacks with a running java-application, you will save me from returning to Windows.