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November 7th, 2009, 04:34 AM
Hello all,

I am trying to figure out how to select a set of records that I have in a database. I would like to get the records that begin with 'r_' (sans quotes) in the filename field.

I am using sqlite3 v3.6.16.

Table Name:

FileID (autoincrement primary key integer)
FullPath (text)
FileName (text)

Sample Data:
502|/media/store/videos/r_5.n_Rome_Season_1.s_1.d_2009-11-06.c_Rome,History,Bloody.a_KevinMcKidd,RayStevenso n,PollyWalker.i_nnn.e_.avi|r_5.n_Rome_Season_1.s_1 .d_2009-11-06.c_Rome,History,Bloody.a_KevinMcKidd,RayStevenso n,PollyWalker.i_nnn.e_avi.avi
503|/media/store/videos/r_5.n_Rome_Season_1.s_2.d_2009-11-06.c_Rome,History,Bloody.a_KevinMcKidd,RayStevenso n,PollyWalker.i_nnn.e_.avi|r_5.n_Rome_Season_1.s_2 .d_2009-11-06.c_Rome,History,Bloody.a_KevinMcKidd,RayStevenso n,PollyWalker.i_nnn.e_avi.avi

I have tried this query:

SELECT * FROM files WHERE filename like 'r_%'

and I still get records #504 and #505 as part of the result.

Any thoughts? Thank you.


November 7th, 2009, 04:54 AM
From the documentation, http://www.sqlite.org/lang_expr.html, it says "he LIKE operator does a pattern matching comparison. The operand to the right contains the pattern, the left hand operand contains the string to match against the pattern. A percent symbol ("%") in the pattern matches any sequence of zero or more characters in the string. An underscore ("_") in the pattern matches any single character in the string."

I would suggest experimenting with the GLOB or REGEXP options to see if they will allow matching an underscore without escaping it.