View Full Version : [ubuntu] Copy of Trash folder in IMAP on Evolution Mail cannot be deleted

November 6th, 2009, 04:30 PM
This is weird and it maybe a stupid error on my part but its driving me crazy try to fix it.
As a breakdown I'm using:

Ubuntu 9.10 the Karmic Koala on a Dell 700m laptop with Evolution 2.28.1

I may have copied the local trash folder into my IMAP accounts folder and now can't delete it.
I have gone into my Gmail Apps email web interface and it is not there. I try to right click on that folder in Evolution to delete it but it is not an option.

I have deleted the account and recreated it to no avail. Even reinstalled the OS (just started using it so wasn't a big deal).

The trash folder icon is the same on the local "on my computer" account as it is on my IMAP email account so it looks like a copy of it.

Any help would be great!