View Full Version : [ubuntu] external screen on laptop TECRA T9100

November 6th, 2009, 12:18 PM
Hi guys

Wondering if you can help.
We have a few toshiba Tecra T9100 laptops at work, which had XP on. As they were coming to the end of their life, i've installed the new ubuntu. All good.

The only problem is that the graphics card software was obviously windows based, and so now the function key for dual/clone screen doesn't function. The card will boot to an external screen if attached, but won't keep the 'on laptop' screen.

Is there a way round this? Does ubuntu support multiple monitors? ( I did some research and it appears it does). I think i'll need to change a config file, but won't like some confirmation / help.

Thanks to anyone who can point us in the right direction.