View Full Version : [ubuntu] Suspend and resume issues

November 6th, 2009, 05:11 AM
I am having two issues with suspend and resume.

First, I have an AGP NVidia video card that I have set up to use NvAGP instead of AGPGART, and have enabled AGP fast writes and AGP SBA. This all works fine on a fresh boot. However when the computer resumes from suspend if I type "cat /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status" it says that fast writes are disabled and sba is still enabled. Although, if I type "cat /proc/driver/nvidia/registry" it shows "EnableAGPSBA: 1" and "EnableAGPFW: 1". On a fresh boot both methods report SBA and FW are enabled. So are fast writes enabled after I resume or not? If not then how do I get the fast writes to remain enabled after resuming?

Second, I have a usb webcam with a microphone, and I have pulseaudio's default source set to that mic. However, when I resume from suspend it always reverts to the internal mic. I don't actually have a mic plugged into the sound cards jack so this is useless. I was having this problem every time I rebooted, but after using padevchooser I was able to get the setting to persist some of the time when I reboot. How do I get pulseaudio to stay on the webcam's mic when I resume from suspend (and the other times when I reboot)?