View Full Version : [kubuntu] Missing Icons and Shutdown menu entries

November 6th, 2009, 01:56 AM
Under a new install and under an upgrade, in KDE the shutdown and restart menu entries are missing. I'm forced to log out before I can shutdown or reboot.

Also, though I have Icons on my deskview desktop for things such as links to folder, nfs devices, trash and home, the icons for those files I download "to the desktop folder" are missing. I can go into the home folder and open the desktop folder and find them.

I am using folder view as the desktop as I have from when I started using KDE 4.x.

Anyone able to give me any hints on how to resolve this?

I have two machines with the KDE 4.3.x. One was upgraded and the other the result of a new install. The one that was freshly installed is the one that is missing the icons. Both are missing the menu entries.