View Full Version : [ubuntu] feedback loop sound

November 5th, 2009, 06:53 PM
Since installing ubuntu 9.10 I have problems with the sound settings. First the microphone stopped working when using skype and now - most annoyingly - a crazy feedback loop sound starts as soon as I boot the machine. First I thought it has something to do with the system beep and I added pcspkr to modprobe blacklist, updated the alsamixed software (1.0.21). Interestingly, adding pcspkr to the blacklist did work initially but only until the laptop entered sleep mode for the first time and ever since the beep - a very very loud one - does not stop, unless I a) connect eg headphone cable to either microphone or speaker socket or b) mute all audio devices (pulse audio volume control - output devices - internal audio analog stereo). Now it is nice and quiet but this cannot be the solution. Any ideas?