View Full Version : [xubuntu] xubuntu 9.10 on the cloudbook

Gawains Green Knight
November 5th, 2009, 06:33 AM
xubuntu 9.10 (or ubuntu 9.10) on the cloudbook is a bit of a pain, which is a shame because ubuntu 9.04 was the best linux out there for the cloudbook. Problems which can occur are

1. USB lock-ups. Given that the keyboard, mouse, and "off switch" (?) are all USB based this requires pulling out the battery. Sometimes the computer s working your just locked out.

2. Another lock up, which can at least be restarted by pressing off button, seems to be related to the cpu frequency changing too fast.

3. Switches off completely (new).

The first type of lock-ups occurred with original gOS, but seemed to go away (at least for me) when running 9.04. But this seems to have returned with 9.10.

The second type of lock-up seems can be remedied by setting the clock speed to a fixed value (or limiting its range). See http://forum.netbookuser.com/viewtopic.php?id=668

The third one is new to me and has only started with 9.10. The machine would just die.

I installed 9.10 (which looks nice), but have gone back and dual booted 9.04 as this is the only linux which works pretty much flawlessly with cloudbook. I've kept 9.10 though and will see what happens.

Anyone else had more joy with 9.10?

EDIT: Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2 works great (so far)...