View Full Version : [ubuntu] Help needed to config multiple X servers

November 3rd, 2009, 12:12 AM
usually i do gdmflexiserver -l to login to another user to play games, but that is currently broken in 9.10, used to work in 9.04

been looking for hours and gave up, does any1 know how to do one of the following:

* switching to console, ctrl+alt+f1 for example makes the x server pause, how to make it active even in consoles? a concrete example is when I'm playing mp3 in my first X server i switch to console ctrl+alt+f1 the process(es) are all paused.

* 2 or more gdm auto logins, more than one user, no this is not fast switching which is broken in 9.10 anyways, ati+compiz+gaming is generally fail so i need the second X server so i can play and other one with normal usage, but when I switch to the second X server, the first one is paused, lets say i play mp3 on server1, i still want that even if i switch to server 2.

any clues would be greatly apprectiated