View Full Version : [kubuntu] install no go

November 2nd, 2009, 08:32 PM
Hello downloaded 386 cd ran live on my son computer installed no problem
took to my computer no live boot can pick lauguege then pick install or live boot next screen _ at top of screen the after 5 min sone quick text over 180 seconds all I can read then stuck
read maybe alternative install disk tried install same thing
was running ubunto 9.04 till about month ago then redone computer
thought it was sata dvd drive put ide back in no go did notice that both sata dvd drives will flash read light when the curser is fashing a bit

have quad core think p45 motherboard at work now,6 sata hard drive 2 sata dvd 1 ide dvd now

tried but 386 cd's regular that installed on other computer
and alternnative what else can I try like kubuntu on son's computer want to try

Thanks for any help