View Full Version : [ubuntu_mobile] Dual Boot Dilemma

November 2nd, 2009, 06:34 PM
Prelude: I had dual boot with 9.04 on a SATA 160 gig drive and XP on an old EIDE drive. The XP drive died last week and I bought a 500 Gig SATA drive to replace it. When I tried to use reinstall XP my old XP CD, it wouldn't recognize anything more than 137 gigs. I decided then and there to forget XP and upgrade to 9.10 Karmic. So far so good!!!

Problem: I have to catch the BIOS on boot up and make it boot off the 9.10 Karmic 500 gig SATA Drive. It shows GRUB2 and boots 9.01 just fine. However, it won't recognize (or boot) off the second 9.04 SATA drive, It just shows a MAC address with a spinning wheel that keeps running. I spent the day getting very comfortable with 9.10 and don't want that to change but I would like access to the second SATA drive with 9.04.

Possible: I noticed both SATA drives are listed as Master in teh bios, so I'm guessing I may need to start by changing one drive to Master and one to slave. Is that what you all recommend or should I make a change off the 9.10 CD to try to get the dual boot screen back? I suppose I could consider reinstalling XP on the second drive which would put be back to where I started. Any thoughts greatly appreciated! Thank you. Phil