View Full Version : Samsung Q1(U) and UNR,

November 2nd, 2009, 11:55 AM

It is a pity that Samsung Q1U which was originally the platform for ubuntu-mobile seems not to work out of the box with the UNR 9.10 (I think it was the case with 9.04 too but I skipped that one and stuck the the now expired ubuntu-mobile).

The first one is a fatal error and there is a solution here:


Then with the live USB, the touch screen does not work. Everything else is extremely slow so I am bit uneager to install it and see if it works any faster. Atleast ubuntu-mobile works, more or less, but I can't update/upgrade it.

Anyone here had any luck with it on Samsung Q1U? If I installed it, would it be in working condition --touch screen, wired/wireless networking, suspend/resume, VGA output are the most important things for me. Secondary ones are audio in/out, decent battery life and webcam (never got it to work even before).