View Full Version : [ubuntu] [Dual-Boot] Installation hangs after reboot (using windows installer)

November 2nd, 2009, 09:42 AM
EDIT: I didn't mean to put Dual Boot in the title, as I'm actually running it from a separate hard disk

Alright, so I reinstalled vista tonight, after making my harddrives non-RAID and reformatting both drives. I noted that when i selected the second drive when I was installing vista it mentioned my hardware may not be able to boot from this drive, mentioned checking its controller in BIOS (relevant: installing Ubuntu to second drive). I don't recall seeing anything in my BIOS about being able to modify anything related to my harddrives.

After that mess, I used the installer to install it to the other harddrive. And it finished and asked me to reboot, and I reboot and try to boot from Ubuntu, It displays some text, I'm not familiar with linux at all so I dont really know what it means. It appears to be some variables, but nonetheless it switches over to the Ubuntu symbol and fades in and out, then my screen is flooded quickly with text, too fast for me to read, then the screen blacks out and the system hangs.


I just let it sit there at the black screen and it "supposedly" installed, now I can select from Linux Generic, Recovery Mode, and vista booter. I select Linux Generic and it goes to the ubuntu logo once again, but it higher resolution, then blacks out and hangs, without any sounds from the disks or cpu.