View Full Version : [ubuntu] Sound not working in VLC, mplayer, totem, works fine in madplay

November 2nd, 2009, 03:27 AM
So I just updated to 9.10 and sound seems to not work in any of my video players (yes, I checked the sound levels both in the programs and with the alsa mixer). I tried installing ubuntu-restricted-extras but all that did was turn all my videos blue.

I tried also opening several mp3s in each of those programs and the sound does not play as well. However madplay can play those mp3s just fine. I also tried with a .ogg, the video players won't play it either.

When I view the mp3 in totem with visualizations on it does seem to be basing them on the music, instead of just sitting there flat like it does with dead air.

I tried running each program from the command line, but I didn't get any sound related errors. I can post the output if anyone thinks it would be useful.

Any ideas? I tried searching through the forums for something related, but nothing popped up.