View Full Version : [ubuntu] So... it was struck by lightning...

November 1st, 2009, 09:51 PM
Hey all,

For the last ~10 years I have been programing on windows, GUI and some algorithmic work. Now I have decided to give Linux a chance and sadly I have come up with some problems whilst installing.

My machine has recently been struck by lightning making my onboard LAN connection useless. When trying to install ubuntu the installation did not recognize there was a problem with the hardware (windows did!) and was just stuck.

After a few hours of bashing my head around I figured it out and through the bios disconnectd my LAN. It worked.

My question is regarding the installation process. Did I do something wrong, was there an indication I missed?

The process was as follows:
1. Insert Disc.
2. Restart.
3. Try ubuntu without any changes to your computer.

Then it got stuck.

If there isnt a message for such an error I think this is a serious problem. The normal user cannot will not be able to deal with such a problem - A bug should be posted - I just dont know where or how to.

Best, Y-Me.