View Full Version : [ubuntu] I deleted the contents of my cache folder. do I need to re-install?

November 1st, 2009, 05:37 PM
I delete, deleted(shift+del) my cache contents because youtube videos weren't loading all the way and for some reason I thought this was the problem. They're gone and they're not coming back.

Now when I run 'check'(for updates) in update manager it gives slight variations of this error about 30 times:

W: Failed to fetch http://www.gtlib.gatech.edu/pub/ubuntu/dists/jaunty-updates/Release.gpg Could not resolve ‘12iu’

I don't know what this means as I am a noob. I really want to try 9.10. I am currently downloading the .iso but was wondering if there was a way to fix my 9.04 so I could then upgrade instead of a 'clean install and lose all my data' job.

appreciate any help