View Full Version : [ubuntu] massive karmic problem

November 1st, 2009, 10:55 AM
since i have installed karmic it has been nothing but problems (never again will i use the alternant install cd to upgrade). recently i have upgraded to karmic and when i booted into it my mouse dident work (the coursor whouldent work) so in trying to fix this i read another thread witch said for some reason or another it was because i was upgrading with grub2 already installed. in trying to make grub2 work properly (witch it already did) i accadently uninstalled it and installed grub1 witch wont boot into karmic as in the boot script it has the command intrd witch it doesn't know. how can i get some cd or anything to get grub (any version) to work. so far i have tryed super grub ( this hasent worked as it says that it is not a system disk) and i have tryed some all in one floppy witch i couldent even wright to the disk
does any one know how to do this